Questions Answers from “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond. (Descriptive Type) Class XII, WBCHSE.

Questions Answers from “The Eyes Have It”. Very important descriptive-type questions and answers of the eyes have it by Ruskin Bond. Broad questions with answers. Very important questions and answers for class 12 Higher Secondary Examination of West Bengal.

The Eyes Have It Descriptive Questions Answers

Question: “Are you going all the way to Dehra?” I asked. -Who said this and to whom? How did the question react to the person spoken to? How does the person take the reaction? (1+1+2+2)

Answer: The narrator of the beautiful story “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond said the above-mentioned line.

The narrator said this to the co-passenger who entered his compartment at Rohana.

The girl was startled at the sudden question of the narrator. With a little exclamation, the girl said that she did not know the presence of anyone in the train compartment.

At this remark of the girl, the narrator thought that people with normal eyesight do not bother to look at what is right in front of them. As the narrator himself was totally blind, he also suffered an inferiority complex.

Question: “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” – Who is the speaker? To whom is it said? What was the location of the remark? How did the remark impress the narrator?

Answer: Here the speaker is the girl who entered the train compartment at Rohana in the story “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond.

The girl said this to her male co-passenger in the train compartment, the narrator of the story “The Eyes Have It.”

The narrator had a desire to know if the girl was going all the way to Dehra. As the girl was also blind she could not see the narrator. That is why the question took her by surprise. So she made this remark.

The narrator got hurt. He was also blind. He considered the girl to be a sighted one. According to the narrator, people with good eyesight sometimes fail to see what is right in front of them. Actually, the girl’s remark made him uneasy and offended.

Question: “Oh, how lucky you are.” – Who said this? Who was considered to be ‘lucky’ and why? How did the person react to the above remark?

Answer: The girl co-passenger of the narrator in the train journey in Ruskin Bond’s story “The Eyes Have It” said this.

The narrator was considered to be ‘lucky’ by the girl. Actually, the girl also had a special liking for Mussoorie, especially in the month of October. She came to know that the narrator was going to Mussoorie, her favourite place, and of course in the month of October that is the best time to visit Mussoorie. So, the girl considered the narrator to be ‘lucky’.

This remark of the girl moved the imagination of the narrator. In front of the girl, the narrator gave a graphic description of Mussoorie in its natural beauty. He said that the hills in the month of October were covered with wild dahlias, the sun was delicious. One could have brandy in front of logfire. He also mentioned that the roads were deserted at the time of October.

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