MCQ from “Fable” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Important for Madhyamik Examination.

Get a lot of MCQ type questions with answers for your preparation for Madhyamik examination. These questions are also very important for all types of competitive examinations. Do your best, be the first. You must score of very good result. MCQ from “Fable”

“Fable” is written by –
a) John Keats
b) John Wordsworth
c) Ralph Waldo Emerson
d) Ralph Spencer.

Answer : c) Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A pretty track can be made by –
a) mountain
b) weather
c) man
d) squirrel.

Answer: d) squirrel.

The squirrel admits the fact that the mountain is big is –
a) hopeful
b) doubtful
c) hopeless
d) doubtless.

Answer: d) doubtless.

The word “sphere” literally refers to –
a) the outer limit of the sea
b) the outer part of the earth
c) the outer limit of the space
d) all of the above.

Answer: c) the outer limit of the space.

the meaning of the word fry is –
a) spiral
b) sightful
c) spirited
d) sightless.

Answer: c) spirited.

As mentioned in the poem the ‘little prig’ is –
a) the squirrel
b) the grass
c) the mountain
d) the snail.

Answer : a) the squirrel.

In the poem “Fable”, ‘the former’ refers to –
a) the mountain
b) the snail
c) the poet
d) the squirrel.

Ans: a) the mountain.

The quarrel was between the mountain and the –
a) rabbit
b) rat
c) cat
d) squirrel.

Answer : d) squirrel

Bun has no doubt that the mountain is –
a) small
b) big
c) nobel
d) kind.

Answer : b) big.

Unlike a mountain, a squirrel can crack a –
a) nut
b) joke
c) stone
d) lock.

Answer : nut.

Bun replied that the mountain is –
a) very little
b) very big
c) very cruel
d) very intelligent.

Ans: b) very big.

Baat all sorts of things must be taken together to make a –
a) sphere
b) year
c) both of the above
d) none

Answer : c) both of the above.

The mountain cannot crack a/an –
a) monkey nut
b) coconut
c) nut
d) almond.

Answer : c) nut.

The word ‘deny’ means –
a) refuse to accept
b) give
c) take
d) confess.

Answer : a) refuse to accept.

All sorts of things and weather form –
a) a year
b) a month
c) a day
d) a year and a sphere.

Answer : d) a year and a sphere.

The mountain is not half so spry as –
a) the insect
b) the ant
c) the horse
d) the squirrel.

Ans: d) the squirrel.

If you want to score a very good result, must prepare these MCQ from “Fable”, a beautiful poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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