The Proposal – MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Very Important for HS Exam, WBCHSE.

The Proposal

Very important MCQ from “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov. Prepare these important Multiple Choice Questions. Get many important MCQ type questions for your final exam.

1) Lomov is a –

i) merchant

ii) land grabber

iii) land owner

iv) pettitogger

Ans: iii) land owner.

2) Oxen Meadows belonged to-

i) Lomov

ii) Chubukov

iii) Natalya

iv) All the three.

Ans: iii) Natalya.

3) Lomov inherritted his land from his-

i) father

ii) step-mother

iii) father-in-law

iv) aunt and her husband

Ans: iv) aunt and her husband.

4) Natalya thinks that Lomov is going to –

i) a marriage ceremony

ii) a dog show

iii) a fashion show

iv) a ballroom

Ans: iv) a ballroom.

5) Who is the main actor in seeing the proposal through?

i) Lomov and Chubukov

ii) Natalya

iii) Lomov

iv) Chubukov.

Ans: iv) Chubukov..

6. “She is willing” – Who is willing?

i) Lomov

ii) Chubukov

iii) Natalya

iv) Anton Chekhov.

Ans: iii) Natalya.

7. Squeezer is the son of –

i) Harness and Chisels

ii) Davy and Jim

iii) Tomy and Bagha

iv) Rick and Rose.

Ans: i) Harness and Chisels.

8. The cost of Oxen Meadows mentioned in the play is –

i) 50 roubles

ii) 200 roubles

iii) 150 roubles

iv) 300 roubles.

Ans: iv) 300 roubles.

9. Natalya asks Chubukov to bring Lomov back because –

i) She likes to argue with Lomov

ii) She wants to quarrel with Lomov

iii) She is desperate to get proposed

iv) She wants to apologize for her behaviour.

Ans: iii) She is desperate to get proposed.

10. Lomov, Chubkov and Natalya approach marriage –

i) with a sense of practicality

ii) with a sense of romanticism

iii) with a sense of idealism

iv) with a sense of cynicism.

Ans: i) with a sense of practicality.

11. He’s come to borrow money!” – Here ‘he’ means –

i) Chubukov

ii) Lomov

iii) another neighbour

iv) Lomov’s father.

Ans: ii) Lomov.

12. Lomov has two considerations regarding marriage –

i) the he is thirty five and must lead a stable life

ii) that he suffers from lunacy

iii) that he must consolidate property and make gains

iv) that he must enjoy love and passion.

Ans: i) the he is thirty five and must lead a stable life.

13. Lomov comes to Chubukov’s house –

i) to borrow money

ii) to settle a dispute

iii) to give a marriage proposal

iv) to complain.

Ans: iii) to give a marriage proposal.

14. Chubukov addresses Lomov as –

i) adevil

ii) a peasant

iii) an angel

d) an agle.

Ans: iii) an angel.

15. What is the format of the play?

i) an one-act play

ii) a tragedy

iii) a comedy

iv) a farce.

Ans: i) an one-act play.

16. Lomov knows Natalya’s family –

i) recently

ii) from childhood

iii) from last few months

iv) from last ten years.

Ans: ii) from childhood

17. Natalya learns about the proposal – (WBCHSE Sample Question)

i. at the beginning of the argument soon after Lomov meets her

ii. in the course of the argument when Chubukov tells her

iii. when Lomov storms out of the house

iv. when Chubukov exclaims in anger, how dare Lomov make a proposal!

Ans: iv. when Chubukov exclaims in anger, how dare Lomov make a proposal!

18. Squeezer is the son of –

i. Rocky and Rose

ii. Sunny and Som

iii. Rinki and Tomy

iv. Harness and Chisels.

Ans: iv. Harness and Chisels.

19. Chubukov ordered Lomov to shut up or he he would shoot him like a –

i. parrot

ii. cat

iii. dog

iv. partridge.

Ans: iv. partridge.

20. What label can you give the comic turn of the play? – (WBCHSE – Sample Question)

i. melodrama

ii. farce

iii. comedy

iv. clowning.

Ans: i. melodrama.

Prepare these The Proposal – MCQ type questions right now.

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