ICDS Supervisor MAIN, Model Questions and Answers, English Grammar, Paper – I. আই. সি. ডি. এস. অঙ্গনওয়াড়ি সুপারভাইজার মেইন পরীক্ষা – নমুনা প্রশ্ন (ইংরেজি গ্রামার) উত্তর সহ।

Change the Voice from Active to Passive:

Active Voice : The old man fanned himself.

Passive Voice : The old man was fanned himself.

Active Voice: The book reads well.

Passive Voice : The book is well when it is read.

Active Voice : We have to take food to live.

Passive Voice : Food has to be taken to live by us.

Active Voice : Have you taken your breakfast?

Passive Voice : Has your breakfast been taken by you?

Active Voice : Does Ram do his duties regularly?

Passive Vice : Are his duties done regularly by Ram?

Active Voice : Did you help the poor boy?

Passive Voice : Was the poor boy helped by you?

Active Voice : Who knows the ways of nature?

Passive Voice : To whom are the ways of nature known?

Active Voice : How much did the shirt cost?

Passive Voice : How much was cost by the shirt?

Active Voice : Which book do you want?

Passive Voice : Which book is wanted by you?

Active Voice : Why did you punish the boy?

Passive Voice : Why was the boy punished by you?

Active Voice : Tell her to come here.

Pass: Let her be told to come here.

Active Voice : Give them something without a label.

Passive Voice : Let something be to given them without a label.

Active Voice : Speak the truth.

Pass: Let the truth be spoken (by you).

Active Voice : Never do it.

Passive Voice : Let it never be done (by you).

Active Voice : Please help the poor boy.

Passive Voice : Let the poor boy please be helped (by you).

Active Voice : Listen to me.

Passive Voice : You are told to listen to me.

Active Voice : Hear me.

Passive Voice : You are told to hear me.

Active Voice : Obey your parents.

Passive Voice : Your parents should be obeyed.

Active Voice : Spread a mat on the floor

Passive Voice : Have a mat spread on the floor.

Active Voice : Put up a tent.

Passive Voice : Have a tent put up.

Active Voice : Let me have a cup of tea.

Passive Voice : Let a cup of tea be had by me.

Narration Change:

Change the Narration of the following Sentences.

He said to Rohini, “I’ll rescue the cap”.

Ans: He told Rohini that he would rescue the cap.

Neeta said to me, “I talked with your father yesterday.”

Neeta told me that she (Neeta) had talked with my father the previous day.

Rajib said to Rohan, “Did you receive my letter yesterday?

Rajib asked Rohan if/whether he (Rohan) had received his (Rajib’s) letter the previous day.

Shila said to Riju, “God grant you a long life.”

Shila prayed that God might grant Riju a long life.

“What have you done, Monkey!” The businessman shouted in utter confusion.

The businessman asked the monkey in utter confusion what he had done.

Direct Speech : The vendor said, “Sethji, please give me two annas for the bananas.”

Indirect Speech : The vendor requested Sethji to give him (the vendor) two annas for the bananas.

Direct Speech: He said to me, “Let’s take rest.”

Indirect Speech : He suggested me that we should take rest.

The Headmaster said, “Let the students be expelled.”

The headmaster proposed that the students should be expelled.

Riya said, “How beautiful the rose is!

Indirect Speech : Riya exclaimed in wonder that the rose was very beautiful.

“What a huge building! he said.

Indirect Speech : He exclaimed in wonder that the building was very huge.

I said to the man, “What are you doing here?

Indirect Speech: I asked the man what he (the man) was doing there.

Direct Speech: The teacher said to the student, “Why were you sleeping in the class?

Indirect Speech:The teacher asked the student why he (the student) had been sleeping in the class.

Direct Speech: He said to me, “How have you solved the sum?”

Indirect Speech: He asked me how I had solved the sum.

Direct Speech: Shibam said to Sangita, “How can you believe I am a liar ?

Indirect Speech: Shibam asked Sangita how she could believe he was a liar.

Direct Speech: The boy said to his friend, “Let us go for a picnic.

Indirect Speech: The boy suggested his friend that they should go for a picnic.

Direct Speech: The man said, “Let us take him to a hospital.”

Indirect Speech: The man suggested that they should take him to a hospital.

Direct Speech: He said to me, “May God bless you.”

Indirect Speech: He prayed that God might bless me.

Direct Speech: The teacher said to me, “May you prosper in liie.”

Indirect Speech: The teacher wished that I might prosper in life.

Direct Speech: Rani said to Antu, “Did you sleep yesterday?

Indirect Speech: Rani asked Antu if he had slept the previous day.

Akash said to Payel, “I was searching 1or your pen.”

Indirect Speech: Akash told Payel that he had been searching for her pen.

Taniya said to Rima, “How long have you been waiting for me?

Indirect Speech: Taniya asked Rima how long she (Rina) had been waiting for her (Taniya).

He said to them, “May God give you good health.

Indirect Speech: He prayed that God might give good health.

Direct Speech: The father said to his daughter, “Do not neglect your studies?”

Indirect Speech: The father asked his daughter if she neglected her studies.

Direct Speech: The captain said to me, “Hurrah, our team has won the match!”

Indirect Speech: The captain exclaimed in joy that their team had own the match.

He said, “Oh, what a bcautiful scenery!

Indirect Speech: He exclaimed in wonder that the scenery was very beautiful.

Direct: The boy said to his friends, “Let us consult a lawyer.”

Indirect Speech: The boy suggested his friends that they should consult a lawyer.

Direct Speech: The boy said. “Let us not say anything about it now.”

Indirect Speech: The boy suggested that they should not say anything about it then.

The giant said, “What a wonderful sight!”

Indirect Speech: The giant exclaimed in wonder that the sight was very wonderful.

Direct Speech: She said to me, “Alas, the man is dead!”

Indirect Speech: She exclaimed in sorrow that the man was dead.

Ankita said to Uma “Have you heard the news?

Indirect Speech: Ankita asked Uma if she (Uma) had heard the news.

Direct Speech: Avi said to me, “When do you read English?”

Indirect Speech: Avi asked me when I read English.

Direct Speech: Avi said to Champa, “Will you gi to Delhi tomorrow?”

Inirect Speech: Binay asked Champa if she would go to Delhi the following day.

Dia said to me, “Were they intelligent”?

Indirect Speech: Dia asked me if the had been intelligent.

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